Welcome to my website. My name is Maria Hennessy and I am a Medium and Holistic Therapist.

Born and raised in Ireland I moved to the Netherlands in 1993. I am married, proud mother of 3 sons and live in Slootdorp (North Holland) where I have worked as a Medium/Holistic Therapist for many years. I would like to invite you to my practice in Slootdorp for either a personal appointment, course or workshop. As a Medium I am regularly invited to channel messages from spirit at public evenings. You can also follow me on Facebook.

In the past I often felt different to my family and friends. Already from a young age I experienced the presence of energies, but didn’t understand what this was or what it meant so I tried putting it aside. After a life-changing event (the passing of my father) these energies became more powerful and it meant I could not ignore them any longer. I am convinced that everything happens for a reason and people come along just at the right time to help you along. Over the years my gifts developed further and the start of my own practice was a logical next step. Helping people is my calling in life and I feel privileged to do this work.

What do I offer in my practice? The following overview provides you with more explanation. The personal sessions I give often consist of a combimh fotonation of the disciplines listed. I use my intuitive abilities to determine what is most beneficial to the client, this means every appointment is unique and tailored to that particular client/moment.

Holistic Therapy
Mental Coaching
Magnetic Therapy
Foot Reflexology